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tiny houses for sale in tn

Why Tiny Houses are Popular in Tennessee

The tiny house movement is continuing to gain ground and in the U.S., it is no different. Now, we are seeing more people starting to look for tiny houses for sale in Tennessee because of all the great benefits that tiny living can offer.

Tiny houses are generally no bigger than 400 square feet and are usually built on a solid foundation or a trailer with wheels. Due to their smaller size and the fact that they typically use more eco-friendly appliances, these small houses are a great option for singles, couples and retirees looking for somewhere small and quiet to settle down. They are also a great way to leave less of an impact on our already delicate eco system.

While living in a tiny house isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone, there are still many questions that people have about this newer type of living.

The biggest problem for those who want to adopt the tiny house lifestyle is that there are still a lot of legal issues surrounding tiny houses and where they can be built or placed. The tiny house movement is still rather new to the real estate world; therefore, most state and municipal legislators have not yet accounted for these types of tiny houses.

However, with growing demand, every day, more people are feeling the need to simplify their lives and take back control. As well as control over their own lives, tiny house owners also get to enjoy a bunch of benefits that traditional home owners don’t.

The Benefits of Tiny Houses 

As mentioned, there are several benefits to tiny house living. Although, it is an overall simpler life, there are many other factors that keep people interested in the idea of living in a tiny house. Here are a few key benefits of tiny house living.


One major benefit of finding tiny houses for sale in Tennessee is that there are a lot fewer things that can break or go wrong. Not only will repairs and maintenance jobs be smaller projects overall, they will also cost much less. With a smaller dimension, tiny houses also have less space for clutter to build up. Many tiny house owners are looking to rid themselves of a lot of the things in their lives that they find unnecessary. They tend to focus more on the experience of living life, rather than collecting material possessions.


Many people like the idea of living in a tiny house because it is a more green and sustainable lifestyle. Not only are tiny homes generally more energy efficient than their counterparts, but they are often built using recycled materials that are environmentally friendly such as wood and stone. Moreover, many tiny houses are powered by their own solar panels or use electricity created by generators.


Depending on the type of solar system that is used, some tiny home owners may even be able to produce more power than they use. They are then able to sell this excess power back to the utility company, in turn, making profits on the transaction.

Less Debt 

Many tiny home owners also benefit by owing less debt to the banks. Whether they were able to finance their tiny house by using a small personal loan or managed to pay for it out of their own pocket, tiny home owners are usually able to pay down their debt much faster than those who are paying for a traditional house.


These days, many people are looking for tiny homes for sale in Tennessee that are mounted on wheels. Like an RV, although by far more functional, this type of tiny home allows its owner the possibility to pick up and move their life around at any time. Even those who live in tiny homes built on permanent foundations get to enjoy a life with fewer bills and debt. This, in turn, often allows tiny home owners to invest more money into traveling and experiencing the world.

tiny houses for sale in tn

Cost of Tiny Houses for Sale in Tennessee

The cost of tiny homes for sale in Tennessee will typically run from anywhere between $20,000 and $150,000. However, this price will entirely depend on the tiny house itself and whether you are planning to buy or buy.

If building, your choice of whether the house will be on a foundation or on wheels will affect to total cost. The cost will also be affected by the quality and types of building materials used for construction.

Obviously, there are a bunch of factors that will influence the price. However, the average cost for a tiny home in Tennessee is closer to in between $70,000 and $120,000.

There are builders who may claim to offer tiny houses for as low as $30,000. However, this will often only be the cost of the shell of the house. Leaving it up to the home owner to finish the interior and to decorate with furnishing.

Where Can I Get a Tiny House in Tennessee?

Usually, buying a tiny house is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about adopting the tiny living lifestyle. And, while buying will likely get you moved in sooner, it is often not the best choice for those looking to move into a tiny home.

Due to their small size, tiny home owners like to optimize their living space so that it accommodates them and their own lifestyle. Therefore, it is often better to build your own tiny home.

Working with a builder or contractor can give you in-depth knowledge of the areas zoning and building codes and allows you to customize your house to your own liking. This, also goes to ensuring that you end up with the tiny house of your dreams.

Why Hiring a Builder is Better Than Looking for Used Tiny Homes for Sale in Tennessee?

When buying a previously used tiny home, the process will be much faster, and you will likely be able to move in a lot sooner than you would if you were to build the house yourself. Now, this may be a good option for those who have a limited time span. But, in general, there are several reasons as to why hiring a builder can be a much better choice.

Contractors typically have many years of experience in the industry and use teams of highly-skilled workers and professionals to help ensure that you are completely satisfied with the way that your tiny house turns out. By enlisting a tiny house builder, you are ensuring that your tiny house is built properly and will last for years to come. Builders will always follow local building codes and ensure the highest level of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

What Can We Offer

tiny houses for sale in tn
tiny houses for sale in tn
tiny houses in tn
tiny homes in tn
tiny houses in tn
tiny homes in tn
tiny houses in tn
tiny homes in tn

Here at Build Tiny House, we want to provide our customers with sustainable choices that offer massive life changing opportunities, all without needing to spend a fortune.

We also know that the tiny house movement isn’t just about saving money and cutting down on utility bills. It is an entire lifestyle devoted to a simpler way of living and making the world a better place. Keeping this in mind, Build Tiny House has committed themselves to delivering the possibility of a better life to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge of tiny living.

We see many of our customers go on to live mortgage or debt-free. This allows them to travel more and pursue the things in their lives that they are truly passionate about. Many of our mobile homes are even on trailers, which means that you can be free to take your entire home with your, without needing to deal with banks, brokers and realtors.

Aside from being a self-liberating lifestyle, when you join the tiny house movement, you also become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals who share many of the same core values as you. Most of these people are all looking for a simpler life and are willing to work at making the world a better, more sustainable place to live.

Build Tiny House does our best to work with each one of our clients and ensure that every one of their needs are met. We know that adopting an entirely new lifestyle can be a huge step in a person’s life. That’s why we do everything in our power to keep our customers happy and comfortable throughout the entire process.

We want to offer as many sustainable options to our clients as possible. We are now proud to announce the addition of the Timber Frame tiny house to our line-up. Timber has been used for centuries and has proven its worth time and time again. It is a natural, durable and non-toxic building material which allows you to design the house of your dreams, all while keeping the environment in mind.

This along with their energy efficiency is why more people are making the switch to tiny living almost every day. Here at Build Tiny House, we are trying to make tiny living an affordable and sustainable housing option that is accessible to anyone. With that in mind, we are now offering delivery to anywhere in the United States completely free of charge.

We want to see tiny houses for sale in Tennessee become as popular as regular real estate, so be sure to look for our services in your local region. Here is a list of a few major cities that we service in Tennessee.

  • Nashville
  • Knoxville
  • Memphis
  • Chattanooga
  • Murfreesboro
  • Franklin
  • Gatlinburg
  • Clarksville
  • Pigeon Forge

Laws Regarding Tiny Houses in Tennessee

Since there are constantly more people looking to build tiny homes in Tennessee, law makers are coming up with more rules and regulations to try and accommodate the growing demand for this type of dwelling.

This said, you must always be diligent when it comes to looking at tiny houses in any area and be sure to learn all about your community’s building codes and zoning restrictions before making any serious decisions.

While more rural areas might not have any issue with building a tiny house, cities and urban areas might not like the idea as much. When considering tiny homes and where you can place them, be sure to keep the following key points in mind.

  • Whether there are building size requirements in your local area?
  • Will it be a permanent, full-time dwelling or a seasonal vacation home?
  • Will the tiny house be on wheels or built on a permanent foundation?
  • Will the house be the sole structure on the property or will it be placed behind another home or building?
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