The idea for Build Tiny House was formed by Walt Varhley. He had a vision to integrate his timber-frame talents into a tiny house build business and wanted to offer over-the-top tiny houses at prices lesser than or equal to other builders and designers.

Though Walt’s motivation was to build high-quality homes at an affordable price, the reality is that building timber frame houses can cost 50 to 75% more than building traditional homes. The extremely high expense involved in traditional timber frame homes can limit its reach and tends to price people out of being able to afford one, but once Walt realized he could build a tiny house with a timber frame architecture, it opened up his dream to offer it to anyone.

Soon after, we built our first timber frame tiny house and realized that we were on track to offer our mission of exceeded quality for an equal to or lesser price point.

Build Tiny House has a 90-day turnaround time from initial deposit to completion. The basic model will be priced at $79,000, which is in line with the market value for stick-built tiny houses. With a timber frame design, you are getting tremendous value in lifestyle and quality at the same price point.

With 60 years of experience in building timber frame designs, our builders possess the skills and knowledge that will help develop this market. Our team integrates technology, tradition, timber and quality so we can offer the highest quality Build Tiny House to our clients.

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Concept Guy

is the concept guy. He enjoys coming up with the ideas for Build Tiny and has mastered the craft of building with timber frame. enjoys being with his family and helping others in any way he can.